Grow into Motherhood with Confidence

Personalized support for your prenatal and maternal journey

Give Yourself a Little Grace, Mama

Motherhood doesn’t come with a guidebook. But this doesn’t mean you’re alone on this journey.

My name is Sarah, and it took me four kids and 16 years to learn how to take care of myself while being a mom. To release the idea that I had to be everything to everyone else and root my identity solely in motherhood. To embrace self-care without feeling selfish. To understand that mothers need self-fulfillment to thrive. For you, it starts today.

Grace and Ivy fills the gap between midwife and mom friend, helping you step into motherhood confidently. Our courses, classes and events are designed to support you in embracing the perfectly imperfect journey that is motherhood so you can give yourself a little grace along the way.

Prenatal Support That Prioritizes Your Well Being

It’s time to stop letting your burning questions about childbirth and motherhood stand in the way of your intuition.

Childbirth Ed is a self-study course designed to empower you to trust the path you and your baby are on. Unlike traditional birth classes, you’ll have the opportunity to sort through your feelings about birth preferences, learn how to advocate for yourself and your baby’s care, and explore how labour will actually feel. Then you’ll learn how to build a healthy foundation for you to take care of yourself while navigating motherhood.

Fill Your Own Cup First, Mama

You’ve done something incredible by bringing a baby into the world. But in order to nurture your child in the way that you want, you must remember to put yourself first.

As part of my course, Taking Care of You and Baby, you’ll learn how to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically on your journey through motherhood, making sure you fill your own cup before pouring yourself into everyone else. Once we’ve made sure you’re taken care of and supported, we’ll talk about taking care of your baby.

Slow Down So You Can ShowUp

Imagine being armed with a toolbox full of ways to prioritize self-care. To feel confident in asking for a minute (or two) to bring yourself back to baseline. To do the things that set your heart on fire once again.

To embrace the notion that self-care isn’t selfish, but something you need to show up for your family in the best way possible.

This free guide to embracing self-care will help you:

Change your mindset and embrace new perspectives using journal prompts to get you out of your head and into your heart.

Release the idea that self-care is selfish with 3 easy-to-implement daily practices to inspire your own rituals.

Give yourself a little grace by embracing kind, loving and understanding self-talk.

Are You Ready to Step into Motherhood with Confidence?

Motherhood may not come with a roadmap. But it does come with instinct and intuition. Together, we’ll help you embrace that gut instinct—not just for your kids but also for yourself.