Filling the Gap Between Midwife and Mom Friend

You deserve personalized care for you and your baby

Mama, you’re incredibly powerful. You spent nine-plus months devoting your body to nurturing your baby and pushing past your physical and mental limits to bring them into this world. From mother to partner, caretaker to friend, you wear all of your hats proudly. But more often than not, you give everything to everyone else, leaving very little to give back to yourself.

What if you released the idea that you need to sacrifice your own time, wellness and identity because you are a mother? What would be possible if you started to show up for yourself and put your wellness first?

Grace and Ivy helps you step into motherhood confidently with one-on-one support and group classes that encourage you to give yourself a little grace on the journey through motherhood. It’s our hope that once you learn to put yourself first, you’ll feel even more confident and prepared for this incredible journey.

Prenatal, Infant and Maternal Wellness with Real-Life Perspective

Too often on the path to motherhood, you’re told what “should” happen when your baby arrives. Traditional labour classes stick to the basics of giving birth and what to expect postpartum without shedding light on what “could” happen on your unique journey to becoming a mother. Like how to take care of yourself after giving birth or how to tune in and observe your baby’s cues to understand what they need.

Here’s the honest truth: Your motherhood journey will be innately different from the other mothers you encounter on this ride.

Like a wall of ivy, there will be ups and downs and twists and turns along the way. But true growth happens when you give yourself a little grace. You have to learn to trust your intuition—and that’s where I come in.

Together, we’ll make sure all of your pre-birth questions and concerns are addressed so you feel empowered to handle whatever comes your way. Then we’ll build a healthy foundation for you to take care of yourself while navigating motherhood. And when you’re ready, our group classes will open the door to a whole village of like-minded mothers who are here to support you.

Hi, I’m Sarah…

It took me four kids and 16 years to learn how to take care of myself while being a mother.

Looking back, it seems strange that I ignored the little voice inside telling me to take care of myself. Before I had my own babies, I was a nursing student who loved working with postpartum mothers who had just delivered their babies. To me, there was nothing more rewarding than helping women navigate those first hours of motherhood and making sure they felt confident leaving the hospital with their babies in tow.

Not long after I finished nursing school I married my husband and we moved to the U.S. for his job. Soon, we started building a family of our own and I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. But after giving birth to four babies, the youngest of which has special needs, I couldn’t help but feel a little lost.

In the beginning, I was in love with being a mom. The disconnect happened later as my kids got a little older. We would be at a gathering with women who had careers and roles outside of motherhood—and I had no idea what to talk about except my kids. Plus, with my village of family and friends on the other side of the border, I felt completely alone. But when we moved back to Oakville, those feelings of loneliness didn’t go away.

In many ways, I was existing solely as a mother. I threw myself into volunteer roles with my kid’s playgroups. I stayed up too late doing work for the PTA board. I felt myself changing who I was to try to fit in with the other parents. Then the pandemic hit and I realized that something had to change. I was exhausted, emotionally, mentally and physically. And as much as I love being a mother, I no longer had an identity outside of “mom.”

After months of soul searching, a lot of mindset coaching and many, many tears, I realized that those moments of solitude were exactly what I needed to come home to myself. And whether it was 30 minutes of yoga or five minutes of mindful breathing, the time I set aside each day just for me allowed me to show up as a better mother.

Mama, I know that life as a woman, mom and partner can bear a heavy load. But I promise you that when you put yourself first, that load becomes much lighter. So, what do you say we come home to ourselves, together?

You’ve Got This, Mama

Whether you’re just embarking on your journey of motherhood or you’re ready to come back home to yourself after having babies, you’ve come to the right place. Together we’ll create a plan to navigate self-care and mom-life so you can show up for your babies in the best way possible.