Taking Care of You and Baby

A self-study course dedicated to putting your needs first, so you can show up as your best self for your baby.

Are you ready to feel like yourself again (without the mom guilt)?

It’s time to release the idea that self-care is selfish and start showing up for yourself so you can tackle whatever motherhood throws at you.

After all, you’ve done something incredible, mama.

You’ve nurtured and brought a baby into this world. Your body has been through a life-changing transformation. And every day, despite the hormone fluctuations and lack of sleep, you show up for your baby in the best way possible.

But when was the last time you showed up for yourself?

Life as a mother can bear a heavy load—especially in the early days.

You give and give to everyone around you, delicately balancing the roles of mother, partner and friend, while your own needs fall to the bottom of the list. But the only way to lighten that load is to put yourself first.

Taking Care of You and Baby is an online course designed to help you fill your own cup first, so you can show up as your best self for the ones you love.

During this course, you’ll gain a deep understanding and appreciation of your body’s post-birth transformation and learn how to care for yourself mentally, physically and emotionally throughout this transition in your life.

You’ll walk away feeling empowered to prioritize your self-care, armed with the tools and support you need to show up for your family in a way that feels really good.

Learn How to Trust Your Intuition

Mama, you’re on a journey that doesn’t come with a map or a guidebook. But it does come with instinct and intuition—you just have to learn how to tune into it.

Let’s face it, you can read all of the parenting books in the world and still feel completely unprepared and intimidated when your baby arrives. While these books mean well, they tend to set unrealistic expectations for what your journey through motherhood may look like. After all, every baby is different—what’s right for one family may not be right for yours.

Taking Care of You and Baby reminds you to take the pressure off of yourself.

You and your baby need time to get to know each other and learn how to communicate.

This course will teach you to trust your intuition, lean into your natural instincts and forget what you were told “should” happen in these first few months of motherhood. You’ll learn how to read your baby’s cues and experiment with different care methods to see what works best for you and your baby.

This is a downloadable course, meaning you can refer back to it whenever needed. 

Topics Include:

Prioritizing Your Care and Setting Boundaries as a New Mom

How to Care for Your Baby After Coming Home

Feeding, Sleeping and the Benefits of Creating Routine

Understanding Your Baby's Cries and Cues

How to Bond with Your Baby (Including Tips for Dad)

Investment: $297

* Price goes up February 1st.


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Navigate Motherhood on Your Terms

Becoming a mother isn’t always a beautiful journey. There are plenty of twists, turns and hardships along the way. Trust me, I know…

It took me four kids and 16 years to learn how to take care of myself while being a mom.

Along the way, I lost my identity, sense of self-worth, and spark for life. It wasn’t until my mental health hit a breaking point that I started rediscovering myself. And when I found ways to reignite that spark within, I realized how much I needed self-fulfillment to thrive.

For you, that realization starts today.

Don’t wait any longer to come home to yourself, mama. The sooner you take steps to reignite your spark, the better equipped you’ll be to navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. You are in control of your journey.

Are you ready to take the pressure off of yourself and tackle motherhood feeling confident and empowered?

Get the Care You Deserve,Mama

You don’t have to navigate your journey to motherhood alone. You deserve personalized care that puts you and your baby first. And it starts now.